Our products

There’s nothing more essential to life than water, and Nirta premium water hydrates you the way nature intended: with no extra additives or enhancements, just its naturally occurring electrolytes and mineral composition. All of our products are designed to bring you natural mineral water straight from the mountains of Islamabad, so you can enjoy the distinctive crisp, cool taste of Nirta anytime, anywhere.

We offer a vast range of Nirta products so that you can effortlessly enjoy natural mineral water at any moment or occasion in your life. Whether you need hydration on-the-go, a lunchbox companion, or are just looking to have a bulk supply for your consumption, there’s a Nirta product that’s perfect for you.

Thirst-quenching yet portable, the Nirta water 500ml bottle is the perfect size for an on-the-go lifestyle. If hydration is a priority in your everyday routine, this bottle is also available in packs of six.

Want all day hydration in one bottle? The Nirta 1500ml keeps you hydrated throughout the day, whether at work, home, or on the go. Stay replenished with our packs of six.

With its easy-to-pour plastic bottle for in-home consumption, the Nirta 6 litre bottle is ideal for using in the kitchen for cooking purposes, keeping in the refrigerator for healthy hydration whenever you need it. Great for stocking in the pantry and for promoting healthy hydration for the whole family.

Available in individual bottles.

This jumbo 19 litre bottle is perfect for in-home meal preparations and tea/coffee/refreshments at work with the same crisp and cool taste. Available in individual bottles.